Legacy Ghostwriting

Give your great-great-grandchildren your faith stories

I help Jesus-following fathers get their God-glorifying stories into written form.

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A storytelling father is God's plan

Fight family faith erosion

They won't know your story without a written account.

Correct theology is not enough to pass down faith to the next generation.

They need real stories:

  • conversation stories
  • faith-adventure stories
  • miracle stories
  • stories of wisdom and foolishness
Faith becomes lonely and weak without relatable stories.

My ghostwriting can help you get your Jesus-following stories into the hands of your family, so you can encourage even beyond the grave.

Anchor the family identity in Jesus

Stories for you great-great-grandchildren

With access to your written stories:

  • Each family member can read or hear your faith stories as eyewitness testimony.
  • Your family can start a tradition of family faith storytelling.
  • You can transfer essential godly wisdom to the next generation and beyond.
  • They can hear how the Gospel transformed your life.
Your family 150 years from now reading your stories in their hovercraft home.

Along with the Bible, your stories can be a pillar that helps even the faith of your unborn great-great-grandchildren.

Blair gets it

This dad worries, too.

I am a father of 3 daughters.

Sometimes I worry if I am doing everything a father can do for them to thrive as Christians.

Will the faith that God started in me, not only continue in my girls but far exceed my measure of faith?

(right)Family selfie at the Wartburg, where Martin Luther translated the Bible into German. (Left) Where we parked our miserable dog, while we took the tour.

I have a Master of Arts in Biblical Interpretation.

But the best theology will not win the hearts of my children.

I believe faith stories rooted in biblical truth can change hearts.

There is no silver bullet for guaranteeing a spiritual legacy.

But stories stick.

Tell engaging stories.

Not little spiritual anecdotes

Don't leave your family with anecdotes

Anecdotes are entertaining, one-scene episodes that are great for cocktail parties (which I have never been to), but fail to grab the listener's heart.

My anecdotal testimony

"I became a Christian when I was 19. I was injured and didn't know who I was without baseball. Then I met a friendly guy who was studying to become a pastor. I thought only old people could be pastors. Soon, I started going to his college bible study. Some months later I gave my life to Jesus and have been forever changed."

Leave your family engaging mind movies instead

Storytelling activates a mind movie in the listener.

The hearers time travel with you to that moment and experience what you felt:

  • surprise
  • disappointment
  • sadness
  • joy
Your grandson (the old guy) reading your faith stories to your great-great-grandson (his grandson).

In contrast to my above anecdote, my conversion faith story consists of 5 scenes.

  1. Embarrassing moment in a high school classroom
  2. Cringe moment in a high school cafeteria
  3. Getting drunk for the first time at my friend's house.
  4. Meeting a dorky pastor-in-training in a college chemistry lab.
  5. A question that changed it all in a suburban dining room.

I love watching my daughters die of embarrassment as I tell them scenes 1 and 2.

In scene 3 they find out about my foolish attempt to answer my pain.

In scene 4 I meet an unlikely spiritual guide.

In scene 5 I am introduced to the hero of my story, Jesus.

I add a lot of humor to my faith story, but I end it with a meaningful invitation or encouragement.

Such stories are the aim of my ghostwriting for you.

Ghostwriting process

Step 1: Free Consultation

You pick a 30-minute slot on my calendar. The goal is to clarify how my ghostwriting services can best help you and to see if I am a good fit.

Step 2: 5-Minute Faith Story

You choose one of your must-tell faith stories and I interview you about it. Then I ghostwrite it in 30-days, which includes some appointments with you to refine the story.

Step 3: Your Finished Faith Story!

You sign off on the story and share it with your family in digital form.

Still sceptical?

I love tough questions

How much does your Ghostwriting cost?

I like to offer options, so the price will depend on different factors:

  • How fast do you need the story (e.g. for a birthday gift)?
  • Do you need extra services (e.g. managing any printing)?
  • What are the payment terms (e.g. the number of instalments)?

I will give you a good idea in the free consultation.

How long will it take to finish one story?

About one month. We are not talking about writing a chapter of an award-winning novel. These are 5-minute stories designed to be read out loud. 1 month includes about 4 meetings to collaborate.

What qualifies you to write my faith stories?

I have neither written any books nor am I a professional storyteller.

But I have been studying the mechanics of storytelling for some time and can with confidence shape your faith story into something more engaging.

Other related qualifications:

  • EDUCATION: My Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Philosophy gave me a strong Christian worldview. My MA in biblical interpretation strengthened my biblical foundation. (lots of writing went on there)
  • EVANGELISM: From the beginning of my faith, I have been sharing the gospel. Without sharing my stories, it is very difficult to connect with others emotionally. Storytellers have an evangelistic advantage in evangelism over apologists.
  • MARKETING: It may sound sacrilegious, but writing sales copy and advertisements for my websites and clients has helped me to tell faith stories. You have to think a lot about human psychology and branding. Words do something to the reader.
  • SCRATCHING MY OWN ITCH: I am regularly writing and refining my own faith stories to be handed down to future generations. Right now I publish them on my blog, but will eventually collect them in a physical book.

I prefer to write only one story for first-time customers so that we can get to know each other. It allows you to kick the tires before buying the car.

Why are the stories just 5-minutes long?

Most of the stories in the Gospels are even shorter. Stories that are too long are harder to remember.

Your family many generations from now on a hike, telling your faith stories along the way.

What do you mean by faith stories?

Like you, I am interested in building the kingdom of God. I love silly or mysterious anecdotes (like how my dad used a "Get Out of Jail Free" card from Monopoly to avoid getting arrested). But they do little to inspire enduring faith. Faith stories are about:

  • conversion
  • miracles
  • character transformation
  • God's provision
  • cautionary tales
  • godly wisdom

Will you print the book?

No. You will need to find a 3rd-party book printing service to do this. I will gladly help you get the stories into the right format for printing. I am not a graphic design expert or proficient in how you layout pictures and text.

Can I sell my book once it is finished?

Yes. But, these are not meant to be Pulitzer Prize-winning memoirs. These are stories to be easily told to children at bedtime or while walking the dog with your grown-up daughter.

Any more questions?