'Bout Blair's Blog

'Bout Blair's Blog

Imagine a thought bubble escapes your mind.

And like all thought bubbles they will pop.


....you remember that you have a bow and quiver slung around your shoulder.

In your quiver are arrow-like pencils.

Only in this way can you transform the thought bubble into something solid.

But you must be swift before it's too late.

You position a pencil on the bowstring, draw, aaaaannnnddd...

This is me aiming at a thought bubble.

You miss.

If you had only devoted yourself to this strange form of archery, something special would have happened.

Your thought bubbles would have transformed into:

  • steel anvils,
  • slabs of meat,
  • and immovable granite boulders.

Things you can build your life on.

Things you can stub your toes on.

Things you can get fat on.

Write or Wither

The truth is, I will disintegrate unless I write.

It gives me:

  • focus, creativity, substance
  • sharper thoughts, wiser words, more concise communication
  • a lard of fun

I could use some more lard.

What about journaling?

Why not just keep it to my stick-figure self?

Yes, journaling has helped somewhat, but it doesn't solve one of my biggest problems:


Journaling doesn't help me connect with you.

I hope publishing this blog will.

So, please subscribe and respond.

What does thin Blair write about?

Whatever I want.

It's my blog.

But to narrow it down here are the roles and -isms I live out (not often well):

  • Jesus follower
  • Husband of a gorgeous German
  • Father of 3 daughters
  • Owner of a dumb dog
  • Armchair theologian
  • Entrepreneurial wannabe
  • Voluntarist
  • Little "a" apologist
  • Creator of silly kid's stories
  • Listener of too many podcasts
  • Non-fiction book junky
  • Girl's softball coach

Anyways, time to start writing.

What happens after I shoot the thought bubbles.